Nikon D610 Announcement coming October 6-7

Nikon D610 Shutter newThe new Nikon D610 announcement will be made in early October, according to Nikon Rumors with tips from inside information about the matter. The camera will be a minor update to the D600.

The speculation is that the D610 will offer a new shutter mechanism to address reported issues of oil and dust accumulating on the image sensor at an increased rate. In addition to a new shutter, the only difference confirmed so far is that the D610 will shoot at 6 frames per second (fps), rather than 5.5 fps of the D600 which further suggests that the shutter mechanism will be a new design.

Other D610 specifications are expected to be similar to the D600, including the retail price, which is currently $2095 US Dollars. Nikon removed the minimum advertised price (MAP) on the D600 last week, and retailers have already adjusted advertising at $1795-1999 for the body only version.

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