Rumors of Nikon D610 indicate it will be very similar to D600

Nikon D610 Model NumberThe rumors about the Nikon D610 continue to advance, and the camera is shaping up to be just a minor update on the existing D600 model it replaces. Today, the admin at Nikon Rumors received credible tips about the features of the new D610. All of the indicated specifications appear to be identical to the existing camera.

Among the D610’s similarities are a 24.3MP image sensor with 6,016 x 4,016 pixels, ISO range of 100-6400 base (extended to 50-25,600), and the same 39-point autofocus with 9 cross type functional at f/8. The same 100% viewfinder coverage  and 3.2″ LCD screen size with 921k dots. The D610 will use the same EN-EL15 battery and MB-D14 battery grip. External dimensions are identical at 141 x 113 x 82 mm. (Soruce: The new D610 will most likely share a majority of its components with the outgoing model.

Perhaps the most significant change will be a new shutter mechanism, as has been suspected to be the cause several complaints about the existing model. Since the D600 was released, a number of users have complained of a significant amount of dust and/or oil accumulating on the image sensor even on relatively new cameras with low shutter counts. Nikon failed to make an official announcement about the issue, causing widespread rumors and much hesitation to purchase the camera from potential customers. While dust is nothing new for DSLR users, the amount and frequency some have experienced point to a potential problem with some cameras. Nikon has replaced the shutter mechanism for some customers to help remedy the problem.

Earlier this week, Nikon removed the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) from the D600, and retailers are already selling the camera at a significant discount. Currently, as of September 19,  the lowest price is $1799 for a new D600 at Samy’s Camera. Nikon’s decision to lift the MAP is a good indication that its replacement is due soon. Since the MAP was removed ahead of the new camera’s announcement, it indicates a significant stockpile of D600 exists on retailer shelves.

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