Nikon D610 Price

Nikon D610 with 24-85mm VR kit lens priceThe Nikon D610 price for body only and body and lens kits have been announced as of October 8, 2013. Nikon has set a suggested retail price of $1,996.95 for the D610 Body Only. The Nikon D610 with the 24-85mm VR AF-S lens is $2,596.95 US Dollars. The Nikon D610 with 28-300mm VR AF-S Lens will retail for $3,046.95, and the Nikon D610 with 2 Lens Kit including the Nikon 24-85mm VR & 70-300mm VR lenses will retail for $3,246.95. The D610 is the update to the D600 released just over a year ago.

The camera was announced October 8, 2013 and is scheduled for delivery October 18, 2013.

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