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Nikon D600 Removed from Nikon MAP Minimum Advertised Price List

Nikon D610
According to a report from NikonRumors.com, Nikon has removed the D600 from its Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) list. This is a list of retail prices for Nikon products that Authorized Nikon dealers agree to not advertise below. Along with the D600, the D5100 was also removed from this list. This means dealers are free to advertise these products for sale at any price, and such an action is a signal that replacement products are available or soon to be released. There has been much speculation over the new Nikon D610, and this is the first official sign given by Nikon that the D600 may be replaced very soon.

The speculation stems from ongoing problems by some D600 users over dust and oil accumulation on the image sensor. There are many reports of cameras being serviced for this issue, although Nikon has failed to make any official statements. Service for the issue has ranged from cleaning the sensor to replacing the shutter mechanism.

The Nikon D610 will be an upgraded replacement for the existing D600, incorporating a new shutter design to eliminate the problem. Pricing for the new D610 is expected to fall in-line with the current D600 which is priced at $2099 US Dollars retail. Features are also expected to remain similar to the current model, although some minor feature updates could be added.